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Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd.(CCM) new Liu Ying plant start operating since February, 2018. The new plant is around 58,195 square meters large, and it’s is the brand new production base for CCM Bolt&Parts Former. In this new plant we dedicated to break the framework in tradition machine manufacturing field, and we try to reach the highest quality and the maximum economic scale at the same time.


CCM developed world's first smart production line integration. This production line begin from former, oil centrifuge machine, threading machine till optical sorting machine for final inspection. And all above equipment can be monitor by our self-develop online real-time monitor system. So, this can help our customer in the fastener industry to archive one-stop automated production, and bring us achieve industry 4.0.Besides, our mass production plan for standard 10B &13B machine can fully satisfy your demand for high quality and short lead-time requirement for Bolt Former.


CCM products are all imported with our self-develop system, and our perfect service network team can satisfy all your after-sale service in time. By doing so we offer our global customer complete demand assessment and service.


M6, M8 standard bolt former(10B &13B) have recurring inventory all the time.
And with short lead time, high quality, CCM provide you the most immediate products and services.



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Multistage bolt former manufactory
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