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Charity: Life is borrowed

CCM always encourages employees to participate in charity events with ""take from the community, give back to society"" spirit. We understand corporate profits are not the only result of enterprise operation but also the result of the interacting by factors such as community, general environment, and culture. In addition to sponsoring education/academic research, and artistic culture etc., the establishment of CCM Emergency Assistance Foundation provides vulnerable groups more appropriate care and assistance.
Poverty is something we've all heard of but not many of us have experienced it firsthand, but the most important thing is not to let these people on a journey of no return for money. As long as everyone has a little more kindness, we can form a virtuous social atmosphere. After all individual strength is limited, with ""a pin a day is a groat a year"" spirit, we believe our society can function harmoniously and better in group efforts. ""Let the Community Come Along the Virtuous Way"", CCM is obligated to shoulder the burden of corporate social responsibility and practice good business ethics. Well goes the proverb, ” it's more blessed to give than to receive.

Beigang Education Foundation Due to the youth population is rapidly leaving Beigang for job seeking, CCM Chairman Alex Wu devoted major efforts on the construction of an academic library building in Beigang where he was born and established the Education Foundation to promote the development of local education. Free language courses would be arranged irregularly by CCM employees who can speak fluent foreign language to improve the local educational resources.

CCM Day of Caring CCM does not just make grants to non-profits. We get involved with them. We visit orphanages every half year, get to know the children and, wherever possible, we get our most important resource, our employees, involved.

Year End Charity Party According to the statistics by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (T.F.C.F.), 30% vulnerable children never received a red envelope, 90% never saw more than 1000 NTD in a red envelope, even 17% poverty families had no Chinese New Year Party. CCM invited some vulnerable groups to participate the year-end-party every year and delivered our contributions of cash.

Community Grants Employee donations to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation up to 180,000 NTD and 570,000 NTD from Chairman Alex Wu were used to purchase a car to serve the elders in the community for medical and transportation requests.

Dating With Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (T.F.C.F.) We are committed to supporting the caring work of organizations such as T.F.C.F. and Friends of the Police Association through charity dinners.

Donate Books to the Next Generation of City Readers!CCM is a proud participant in and sponsor of this Project held by Kaohsiung Main Public Library and we need your help to join us to look after our next generation together.

Embrace Love for Children with Delayed Development Eden Social Welfare Foundation was to raise money for early intervention services for children with delayed development by charity dining vouchers. 150,000 NTD was subscribed by CCM Chairman Alex Wu and staff took part inactively.
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