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PSL-1500 Rotary Disk Sorting Machine

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    • For M8~M16 screws and bolts, under head length less than 150mm
    • Available for 2~8 cameras
    • Flange nuts and rivets can be applied on this model
    • Optional: Laser detector to inspect thread presence
    • Optional: Rotating mechanism to inspect recess depth or broken pin
    • Optional: wheel crack checking system (LS-1501) for head crack inspection
    • Optional: bottom sorting system (LS-1503) for inspecting cutter presence
    • Optional: Bending checking module
    • Optional: 360° rotation module for thread damage inspection
    • Optional: two kinds of Eddy current systems:
      1. For head open crack inspection
      2. Material mix-up or with/without heat-treatment
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• Screw-head height, width  Recess depth  Pinhole Excess Material
 Ineffective thread length  Minor Thread Diameter  Feature Angle
 Major Thread Diameter  Pitch Distance  Feature No.
 Bevel Thread  Screw Length  Feature Similarity
 Cone Point  Zinc:Yes or No(Head Top View)  Feature Length
 Pinhole Alignment  Head Crack  AF/AC
 Head Mark  Roundness  Material Mix-up
 Inner Roundness  Inner Concentricity  Broken pin
 Inner Excess Material  Shorten AF  Deformed Thread
 Feature-Center Distance    
 Bottom Sorting    
• 360° Thread Damage  Head Wheel Crack Screw Bending (Multi-Images)
360° Thread Damage Head Wheel Crack Screw Bending
• Wire Diameter: φ8~16mm • Wire Diameter: φ8~16mm
• Length Under Head: 15~150mm • Sorting Precision: ±1 pixel
• Head Height: 2~25mm • Sorting Speed: 100~400/PPM
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