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L1800 Color Universal type-reverse / forward

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    1. High reliability and accurate discharge system
    2. High-speed, stable feed-in
      • Vibratory feeder capable of side orientation
      • Software capable of side recognition
      • Different products changeover only need to replace the vibratory feeder
    3. High commonality: equipped with a zoom lens, when changing over chip specification only the magnification adjustment is needed, and no need for lens change.
    4. Excellent inspection and processing ability
      • Inhouse developed light source, inspection software, circuit design, free to set the inspection items, no need to repeat settings, parameters can be memorized
      • Humanized and intuitive operation interface
      • Independent color image processing
    5. Multi-station material guide design, stable detection of objects without affecting the detection function

• Inspectable Products: Various specifications of LEDs (TOP VIEW; SIDE VIEW ...); various specifications of semiconductor chips (QFN; ODFN; SMA; LTCC ...); various passive components (resistance, exclusion, capacitance, displacement, inductance, discharge, Winding inductor,bare COIL…), and other chip-type components.)

• Applicable Size Range: 0402~1206 * Subject to physical inspection

• Inspectable Items: Poor product location, electrode width, electrode length, electrode spacing, electrode berry black, electrode peeling, poor electrode plating, electrode and electrode, body width, body length, body dyeing, body contamination, body defect, body scratch, body Discoloration

• Appearances: Four / six / eight-sided detection (2 more optional stations to detect different abnormalities)

• Speed: 2000 pcs / min (0.3 mega pixel), 1000 pcs / min (1.3 mega pixel), 600 pcs / min (2.3 mega pixel), all depending on material size and testing items

• Number of receiving boxes: Box for Accepted parts(1), Box for NG parts(3/4 ),box for Retest parts(1), box for scrapped parts (1)

• Resolution: 6μm/pixel(1206), 2.5μm/pixel(0402), 4μm/pixel(0603)。1 ~ 50, μm / pixel (depending on camera resolution, lens magnification and chip size)

• CCD: Color High Speed CCD 640*480 pixels; CCD 1280*960 pixels;CCD 1920*1200 pixels

• Lighting: LED lighting (supplied with different light sources according to material)

• Working height: ca. 1100mm

• Machine color: Ivory white

• Power supply: 1ϕ 220V 50 / 60 Hz 1A

• Dimension: 102 X 102 X 180 cm

• Weight: 450 kg

• Main controller: PC / HMI / Vibratory feeder controller / interface on the front side

• Language display: Chinese / English

• Screen display: PC: 22"LED monitor ;HMI: 7"

• Emergency stop: Located on the front interface(button type)

• Back up: One set of Hard drive with backup

Open recirculation of vibratory feeder without top cover and side cover, speedy feed-in, no jamming Dual Accepted parts Chutes, non stop when qty reaches, provide efficiency
According to the customer's factory configuration requirements, both forward or reverse design are avilable 2 more stations as optional, settings based upon different lighting effect

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