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E3000 Color Dedicated Type

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    1. Customized software for dedicated, fixed-shape detection objects. Easy and fast for product changeover
    2. High reliability and accurate discharge system
    3. High-speed and stable products feed-in
      • Vibratory feeder is capable for certain side orientation
      • Software is capable for side detection
      • Only vibratory feeder is required to change over to run different products
    4. High commonality: equipped with variable magnification lens, only adjustment on magnification is required for different product specification,   No need to change the lens.
    5. Excellent inspection processing ability
      • Self-developed light source and in-house developed software and circuit design, parameter setting momery
      • Humanized and intuitive operation interface
      • Independent color image processing
    6. Multi-station guide design, stable detection objects, without affecting the detection function.
    7. High speed: up to 3000pcs per minute

• Inspectable Products: LEDs of various specifications (TOP VIEW; SIDE VIER ...); semiconductor chips of various specifications (QFN; ODFN; SMA; LTCC ...); all kinds of passive components (resistance, exclusion, capacitance, displacement, inductance, displacement, winding) Wire inductance, bare COIL ...), and other chip-type components

• Applicable Size Range: 3mm~13mm(0402~1206 and above) * Subject to physical inspection 

• Inspectable defects: Detection of various sizes, detection of various broken corners, detection of various characters and graphics; bubbles, copper leakage, sundries, contamination, tin adhesion, electrode breakage, line tail too long, missing solder, missing wires, multiple (convex) glue, missing (Concave) glue, overflow glue, cracks, tin ...

• Appearances: Four / six / eight-sided inspection (can choose any station)

• Speed : 3000 pcs / min (depending on material size and testing items)

• Number of receiving boxes: Box for Accepted parts(1), Box for NG parts(3/4 ),box for Retest parts(1), box for scrapped parts (1)

• Resolution: 1 ~ 50, μm / pixel (depending on camera resolution, lens magnification and chip size)

• CCD: Color High Speed CCD 640*480 pixels; CCD 1280*960 pixels

• Lighting: LED lighting (supplied with different light sources according to material)

• Working height: ca. 1100mm

• Machine color: Ivory white

• Power supply: 1ϕ 220V 50 / 60 Hz 1A

• Dimension: L92*W92*H180 cm

• Weight: 450 kg

• Main controller: PC / HMI / Vibratory feeder controller / 前置面板

• Language display: Chinese / English

• Screen display: PC: 22"LED monitor ;HMI: 7"

• Back up: One set of Hard drive with backup

Open recirculation of vibratory feeder without top cover and side cover, speedy feed-in, no jamming Dual Accepted parts Chutes, non stop when qty reaches, provide efficiency
According to the customer's factory configuration requirements, both forward or reverse design are avilable 2 more stations as optional, settings based upon different lighting effect

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