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Transferring Robot

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    Operating speed: ≤1.5 m/s
    Loadable weight:30-200kg
    Mobile modes: Rollers
    Transferring modes: automatic box changer and conveyor
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*Device status indication, through three-color indicator, digital tube, power indicating, equipment status, etc.
*Wireless network communication, support WIFI network communication and seamless roaming, accessible operation in network coverage area.



Basic parameters



Machine weight (kg)


Loadable weight (kg)


Performance parameters

Max. operating speed (unload/rated load) (m/s)


Max. acceleration (rated load) (m/s²)


Driving precision (°)


Guide and stop position accuracy (mm)


Rated voltage (V)


Battery performance

Charging time

Charging time is <=1.5 hours after discharge.


Rated load operating 8 hours.


Software platform

iWMS-1000 Intelligent warehouse management system


RCS-1000 Warehouse robot control system

  • Warehouse management system :
Including intelligence warehouse management and mobile robot, the individual system is able to make warehouse management system and mobile robot to connect the top system such as ERP/MIES and OMS, which can support the intelligence warehouse management.

RCS-2000 Logistics robot control system

  • logistics management system:
To control variety of the robot to work simultaneously and reach the necessary about the warehouse and production line, buffering zone management, cross-floot support and MES system. The variety of control way that includes Web service connectiong point, beeper, mobile phone APP.


Program composition:

  + +   +   +
Transferring robot   Robot dispatching system   MES*
Motion terminal APP
  *Connection equipment   charging pile
            *system / module can be provided by the third parties.


Program characteristic:

Path flexible

  • The robot moves with visual function and navigative system, the forward, backward and rotate are available.
  • The path is adjustable and enhance the working efficiency.

Visual management

  • The system is able to monitor the status of robot and know the robot's position.

Working arrangement without interference

  • Job assign on the robot according production necessary, and choose the best path for moving to avoid the interference.

Message transfer fast

  • The system is able to connect to Web service, and catch the the order or message for robot.

Independent R&D ability

  • Software and hardware all for independent research and development, customize design is also available.


NO. MR-AC48V030
Specification 600mmx350mmx775mm
AC input 220V±10%,頻率50HZ±3Hz
Output DC voltage 48V
Aximum output current 15A 20A 30A
Temperature 0°~50°C
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